Petrographie und Geochemie von Sedimentgesteinen

Vom Konglomerat zum Tonstein
Foto: IGW

                               Analytical instruments of our group and in the Department

Raman spectrometer Horiba LabRam, 4 Lasers, high-sensitivity CCD, spectrum ID database
Teaching microscopes Polarisation microscopes Zeiss Axioscope,
Zeiss Axiolab, Zeiss Jenalab
Stereo microscopes Leica Zoom 2000
Micro-XRF Bruker Tornado M4 micro-X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Research microscopes Zeiss Axioplan 2 (incl. a Zeiss Axiocam 503 digital camera, fluorescence, Prior point counter) and image analysis software


Zeiss Axioplan with associated equipment (incl. digital camera)


Stereo microscopes Zeiss Stemi SV6
Stemi 2000-C with camera equipment

Keyence VHX-6000 
Electron microscopy (in the Mineralogy group) JEOL JXA-8230 Superprobe and TEM Zeiss LEO922
Phase analysis (in the Mineralogy group) X-ray diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance
Geochemistry (in the Geochemistry, Applied Geology and Mineralogy groups) X-ray fluorescence Philips PW 2400
ICP-MS (Quadrupol, X-Series II) with laser ablation (VG MicroProbe II)
DEGAS: Directly coupled evolved gas analysis system (Netzsch STA 429, Quadrupol-MS)
Fluid inclusions (in the Mineralogy groups) Linkam microthermometry with Zeiss Axiolab microscope
High-resolution surface characterisation (in the Hydrogeology group) AFM with inverse fluorescence microscopy
Radioactivity portable Gamma Ray-Spectrometer Envistec GR 320 (K-Th-U)
Radon instrument Sarad Doseman
Cathodoluminescence Hot-cathode luminescence microscope HC-1LM with an Andor OE-CCD detector
Calorimetry (in the Mineralogy section) Isothermal microcalorimeter IMC-4400