Death Valley "Salt Lake" (Playa)


Death Valley "Salt Lake" (Playa)
Image: Christoph Heubeck

About us

Our group is diverse. Through our expertise and broad interests, we cover a wide range of topics: Sedimentology and facies analysis (Voigt, Heubeck), Precambrian geology (Heubeck), interaction of tectonics and sedimentation (Voigt), Earth history and paleontology including micropaleontology with emphasis on paleomilieu analysis (Frenzel), subsurface management (Heubeck, Pudlo), and sandstone petrography, provenance, diagenesis, and regional geology (Pudlo, Voigt). Adjunct faculty and adjunct lecturers round out our teaching.

Our common goal is to provide Bachelor graduates with a solid basic knowledge of geoscientific issues, methods and content, to open career paths for Master graduates in industry or in a scientific career, and to qualify Doctoral students for independent achievements in complex and challenging topics. We achieve this through asking innovative questions, constant contact with nature, use of the latest analytical techniques, and deliberate internationality.

Barberton Greenstone Belt
Archean geology in South Africa