Publications and Conference contributions


Koehler, I., Konhauser, K.O., Kappler, A. (2010). Role of microorganisms in Banded Iron Formations. Geomicrobiology: Molecular and Environmental Perspective. Larry Barton, Martin Mandl and Alexander Loy (Editors). 485p

Koehler, I., Konhauser, K.O., Papineau, D., Kappler, A., (2013). Biological carbon precursor to diagenetic siderite spherulites in banded iron formations, showing the role of biological processes in BIF deposition. Nature Communications, 4, 1741.

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Conference contributions

2008 Kalkowsky Symposium in Göttingen, Talk:

Long term diagenetic fate of Fe mineral/cell organic matter aggregates formed

during the deposition of Precambrian Banded Iron Formations


2009 Goldschmidt Conference in Davos, Talk:

Lab simulations of long term diagenetic fate of biomass in Banded Iron



2011 Quenstedt- Feier, Tübingen, Poster:

Effects of pressure and temperature on biogenic iron minerals and organic

compounds- Did Fe(II)- oxidizing bacteria deposit Banded Iron Formations?


2011 Invited talk at the AlbertLudwigs Universität Freiburg

Simulating diagenesis in Precambrian Banded iron formations