Frenzel, Peter, PD Dr.

Dr. Dipl. Geol.

Post-Doc (DFG)

Postal Address: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Institute of Earth Sciences
Burgweg 11
07749 Jena
Office: Room H310
Phone: +49 3641 948 619
Fax: +49 3641 948 622

Curriculum vitae

Peter Frenzel studied geology and palaeontology at Greifswald University where he wrote his PhD thesis about "Benthic foraminifers from the Upper Cretaceous White Chalk of Rügen" in 1998. He worked in environmental micropalaeontology during a one year PostDoc stay 1998/99 in the Laboratory of Marine Bio-indicators at Angers university (France). Peter Frenzel got a Habilitation grant from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) in 2001 for studying Baltic Sea ostracods and foraminifers as well as teaching palaeontology and marine biology in the Institute of Aquatic Ecology at Rostock University. He moved from there to Jena University in 2005 where he got a Habilitation degree and venia legendi for geology and palaeontology in 2009. In Jena, he is working as principal investigator in micropalaeontological projects and teaches palaeontology.

Research interests


    • Micropalaeontological methods of palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in Quaternary strata focused on continental systems and land-sea transition including environmental micropalaeontology and geoarchaeological micropalaeontology

      Microfossils as indicators of aquatic ecosystem evolution and monsoon dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau

      Microfossils as Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental indicators along the coasts of South Africa

      Quaternary and Recent Ostracoda and Foraminifera from the Baltic Sea area

      Ostracoda and Foraminifera of athalassic saline lakes

      Benthic Foraminifera of the highest Upper Cretaceous from the European Chalk Sea




Research projects


Microfossils as indicators of aquatic ecosystem evolution and monsoon dynamics

part of the joint research "Lake System Response to Late Quaternary Monsoon Dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau"gefördert von der DFG innerhalb des SPP 1372 "Tibetan Plateau: Formation - Climate - Ecosystems (TiP)".
A. Schwalb (TU Braunschweig), P. Frenzel, S. Mischke (FU Berlin)
Projektmitarbeiter in Jena: Lailah Gifty Akita, Sascha Fürstenberg

Dauer: 06/2008 - 08/2014


RAIN: Mikropaläontologie: Klimaindikatoren in limnischen und marinen Sedimenten (BMBF).
P. Frenzel

Projektmitarbeiter: Stephanie Meschner

Dauer: 06/2013 - 06/2016


Microfacial, palaeontological and geochemical investigation on the genesis of the Homo erectus site of Bilzingsleben

with support of the State Thüringen (Landesgraduiertenstipendium)
T. Daniel, P. Frenzel, R. Gaupp; 05/2008-04/2010



1. Monographs and editorial work

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2. Publications within journals and books

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(Co)Supervised theses (2008-2013)


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