We provide state-of-the-art sedimentological and reservoir quality investigations:

  1. Characterization/quantification of components and pore systems

  2. Reconstruction of diagenetic sequences

  3. Source area determination

  4. Reconstruction of burial and thermal evolution in sedimentary basins

  5. Outcrop analogue studies of clastic reservoir lithologies


Analytical support in clastic petrology*:

  • Clay mineral analysis
  • Image analysis application in granulometric studies
  • Laser-ablation ICP-MS analysis in minor and trace element distribution in fracture fills and cements
  • Mineral chemisty of detrital material and cements
  • Fluid-Inclusion microthermometry
  • Cathodoluminescence microscopy
  • Geochronological dating of authigenic phases
  • Fission track dating of detrital apatite and zircon
  • High resolution density determination in cutting samples

     *co-operation partners: RWTH Aachen, GFZ Potsdam, CNRS Strasbourg, Univ. Göttingen, TEEC Trappe Erdgas Erdöl Consultant



  • Petrography and diagenesis of clastic rocks (short courses, workshops)
  • Lithofacies, depositional environment and architecture of clastic rocks (field seminars, core workshops)


Example: Tight Gas Reservoirs (Rotliegend, Northern Germany)

  • Illitisation of sandstone reservoirs
  • Spatial distribution of authigenic clay minerals
  • Role of paleo-HC-migration with respect to reservoir properties
  • Integration of a geological, paleostructural model and 3D seismic data