Sediment- and Thin section laboratory

Rock crushing: Hydraulic press, jaw crusher, various mills
Granulometric analysis: Sieving machines, Atterberg cylinder, Hydrometer, etc.
Mineral separation, heavy mineral analysis: Sorting unit, Wilfley-table, Frantz magnetic separator
Ultra-centrifuge Heraeus Multifuge 3
Preparation of (polished) (thin) sections: Rock saws Nairotec, Struers discoplan, automatic grinding discs, (vacuum) drying oven, freeze-drying system Lyovac GT2
Grinding and polishing system Struers Abramin, precition polishing systems Logitech LP50, Logitech CL30, Logitech P5, Struers DAP-V

Sedimentary petrography and geochemistry

Class microscopes: Polarisation microscopes Zeiss Axioskop 40, Zeiss Axiolab, Zeiss Jenalab
Stereo microscopes Leica Zoom 2000
Research microscope: Zeiss Axioplan with periphery (Fluorescence, digital camera Hitachi HV-C20, Prior point-counter) and image analysis system ImageC
Electron microscopy: Electron microprobe CAMECA SX50
Transmission electron microscope ZEISS LEO922
Phase analysis: X-ray diffraction Seifert-FPM XRD7
Geochemistry: X-ray fluorescence analysis Philips PW 2400
ICP-MS (Quadrupol, X-Series II) with laser ablation (VG MicroProbe II)
DEGAS: Directly coupled evolved gas analysis system (Netzsch STA 429, Quadrupol-MS)
Fluid inclusions: Linkam microthermometry with Zeiss Axiolab microscope
Surface characterisation: Atomic force microscope, with inverse fluorescence microscopy, magnetic force microscopy
Radioactivity: Gamma ray spectrometer Envistec GR 320 (K-Th-U), portable
Radon analysis system Sarad Doseman

Hard- and software

Seismic interpretation,
1-3D basin modelling,
3D reservoir modelling:


Irap RMS Suite

Kingdom Suite


PetroMod 1D

BasinMod 2D

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Further software: AppleCore, ArcGIS

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