Welcome to the Group of General and Historical Geology

Welcome to the Group of General and Historical Geology of Prof. Heubeck, part of the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Jena.

Our expertise:

-          Classical Sedimentology and Facies analysis (Voigt, Heubeck)

-          Precambrian Geology (Heubeck, Köhler)

-          Interaction of Tectonics and Sedimentation (Voigt)

-          History of the Earth and Paleontology with an emphasize on Micropaleontology and Paleoenvironment analysis (Frenzel)

-          Petroleum geology (Heubeck, Pudlo)

-          Sandstonepetrography, Provenance, Diagenese and Regional Geology (Pudlo, Voigt, Aehnelt)

Our goals:

-          BSc-Courses: Solid knowledge on geoscientific questions, methods and problems

-          MSc-Courses: Open career paths in open market economy or in Science

-          PhD students: Qualify them to work on callenging and complex topics

We place great value on innovative questions, constant contact with nature and the usage of top-of-the-notch analytical techniques.

This website provides information on our group and staff, research fields and facilities, the degrees that we offer, student support and opportunities, as well as news and events in our group. We hope this website has been helpful to you and we welcome your feedback.