Our research and teaching benefit from our well-equipped analytical and petrographic labs, from outstanding microscopes and modern software. EU funding through the CharAnGeoMat und MinGeoRaman projects was instrumental to acquire several instruments.

Sediment and thin section lab

Sample processing

Hydraulic press, jaw crusher, sample splitter, disc mill, grinder
Granulometry Sieving, Atterberg cylinders, araeometers, laser particle sizer, digital microscope etc.
Mineral separation and heavy-mineral analysis

Heavy liquid processing, Frantz isodynamic separator,
Ultrazentrifuge Heraeus Multifuge 3
Preparation of standard and polished thin sections

Rock saws Naicotec und Struers Discoplan-TS, automatic lapping machines, drying cabinet, vacuum drying, freeze-drying Lyovac GT2
lapping and polishing Struers Abramin, precision lapping and polishing Logitech LP50, Logitech CL30, Logitech P5, Struers DAP-V

Petrography and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks

Horiba LabRam, 4 Lasers, high-sensitivity CCD, spectrum ID database

Teaching microscopes

Polarisation microscopes Zeiss Axioscope,
Zeiss Axiolab, Zeiss Jenalab
Stereo microscopes Leica Zoom 2000
Elemental analysis
Bruker Tornado M4 micro-X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Research microscopes Zeiss Axioplan 2 (incl. a Zeiss Axiocam 503 digital camera, fluorescence, Prior point counter) and image analysis software Zeiss Axioplan with associated equipment (incl. digital camera) Stereo microscopes Zeiss Stemi SV6
Stemi 2000-C with camera equipment

Keyence VHX-6000 (reservations here)

Photospectrometer MinoltaKonica CM-770d
Electron microscopy (in the Mineralogy section)

JEOL JXA-8230 Superprobe and TEM Zeiss LEO922
Phase analysis (in the Mineralogy section)

X-ray diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance
Geochemistry (in the Geochemistry, Applied Geology and Mineralogy sections)

X-ray fluorescence Philips PW 2400
ICP-MS (Quadrupol, X-Series II) with laser ablation (VG MicroProbe II)
DEGAS: Directly coupled evolved gas analysis system (Netzsch STA 429, Quadrupol-MS)
Fluid inclusions (in the Mineralogy section)

Linkam microthermometry with Zeiss Axiolab microscope
High-resolution surface characterisation (in the Hydrogeology section)

AFM with inverse fluorescence microscopy

portable Gamma Ray-Spectrometer Envistec GR 320 (K-Th-U)
Radon instrument Sarad Doseman
Cathodoluminescence Hot-cathode luminescence microscope HC-1LM with an Andor OE-CCD detector
Calorimetry (in the Mineralogy section)
Isothermal microcalorimeter IMC-4400