Bock, Susanne, Dipl.


Dipl. Geol.

PhD student

Postal Address: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Institute of Earth Sciences
Burgweg 11
07749 Jena
Office: Room H 303
Phone: +49 3641 948 632
Fax: +49 3641 948 622

Research interests

  • X-Ray diffraction
  • Clay mineralogy
  • Sandstone petrography
  • Diagenetic processes
  • Mineral alteration processes


Curriculum vitae

Since 4/2011

PhD position, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

10/2010 - 3/2011

Diploma in Geology, Department of Geoscience, University of Jena
Diploma thesis: Vergleichende Betrachtungen von Morphologie und Mineralogie authigener Illite des Norddeutschen Oberkarbons [Supervisors: R. Gaupp, M. Aehnelt]

10/2006 - 9/2010

Study of Geology, Department of Geoscience, University of Jena


PhD Project

Investigations of pore-exposed mineral surfaces and pore system evolution of CO2 saturated sandstones (Keuper - North German Basin)

The emission of CO2 is one of the reasons of global warming. Therefor e the technique of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) was developed to reduce the CO2 emission rate. The geological storage of CO2 was tested at the pilot study area of Ketzin near Berlin, Germany. CO2 was injected into Upper Triassic (Keuper) sandstones and stored in an anticlinal structure. After more than three years of injection the rock material from the reservoir will be investigated again.

This study aims the determination of changes of the reservoir sandstones. Therefore petrographic and geochemical analyses will be repeated and compared to pre-injection data and to analogue studies. Especially the alteration of the mineral surfaces exposed to the open pore space and the changes of pore system itself are the objectives of the study. Finally, one intention is the prediction of the reservoir stability for this study area.